Nurturing and empowering the next generation of service providers.

My vision is to help 2,000 moms establish and grow their service provider business online.

Since 2011, I’ve helped businesses scale with a virtual team. I believe that the right connections create more time and legacy level profits for both clients and service providers. Let’s level up CEO mamas!

Want to start a virtual assistant business?

Skip the fluff and learn exactly what you need to build a virtual assistant business. The 5-day challenge helps you get started and connected with your first client!

I am hosting the challenge twice in 2022 (July and October) and it was extremely important to me to keep the price of the class as low as possible…$20.

No, I’m not joking! I remember what it was like to want to contribute more to the household budget, but realized that starting a business could cost way WAY more than what we could afford. So, I’m keeping it at $20.

When is the next challenge and how can I register for the challenge?

The next live challenge is July 18th – 22nd. Registration for the class will begin July 1st and will close on July 17th.

Time to transition from an assistant to a strategist?

Yes, you absolutely can level up from a virtual assistant! How do you know when you are ready to pivot to a higher paying service like a manager, strategist, specialist, or consultant?

  • You’ve created your own strategy through testing and real life application.
  • You’ve mapped out clear SOPs (standard operating procedures) to make repetitive processes become streamlined.
  • You know not only what do, but why it has to be done, and the best way to achieve results.
  • You now lead your client’s team so they can focus on the areas that require them the most.

If you answered yes to majority of these questions it’s time. Applications to be a part of Shift Mastermind 2023 will open in October 2022.

  • Monthly Q&A Zoom Call
  • Monthly Training Topic
  • Private FB Group
  • Annual In-Person Event
  • Limited to 15 spots