You know you’re in your element when it comes to your product or service. Let’s be honest, you’re a ROCKSTAR at it! It’s because you’re working within your wheelhouse. You’ve successfully achieved that 6 figure goal and more!

If you find yourself getting frustrated when it comes to attracting new clients or customers organically, don’t be hard on yourself. Content and monetization strategy are my wheelhouse and I’m a little geeky about it.

Let’s harness both our superpowers to create a clear cut content plan that’s completely customized to your business!

What stage do you need help with?



tablet with an image of desk with a coffee and laptop on it - text: VIP Call Content Strategy call

VIP Content Strategy Call (75-Minute Session)

This call is perfect for established businesses that currently need help building their organic traffic. You’ve been promoting and marketing everywhere, and getting leads without spending more on ads feels unrealistic.

Learn how to build authority on Google with a content plan developed specifically for your business.


What’s covered within the call:

  • Clarify your brand’s content pillars
  • Map out your first 15 positioning posts (aka. The 3×5 Content Plan)
  • Identify your focus SEO Keywords for your content plan
  • Design an integration plan based on your current team

Within 7 days of the strategy call you will receive:

  • Recorded session that you can refer back to at any time.
  • Transcripts for the call for easy time-stamped referencing.
  • The 3×5 Content Plan (PDF)
    • 15 Authority building post ideas (PDF)
    • SEO Keyword list
    • A content journey outline
      • Includes where you will post and the goal of the post.
tablet with an image of a woman using a calculator - text VIP Call Monetization Strategy

VIP Monetization Strategy Call (90-Minute Session)

Now that you’re getting more organic traffic, how can you diversify your revenue streams? This deep dive will take you through the process of developing additional products and/or services, passive income opportunities, and content marketing.


What’s covered within the call:

  • Review current revenue streams
  • Discuss potential revenue options
  • Prioritize monetization options based on overall business goals
  • Create a content campaign around the highest priority
  • Visual audit of your website to ensure that it’s optimized for the monetization goal

Within 7 days of the strategy call you will receive:

  • Recorded session that you can refer back to at any time.
  • Transcripts for the call for easy time-stamped referencing.
  • Monetization Road Map (PDF)
  • Editorial Calendar for Content Campaign (PDF)
  • Content Promotion Schedule (PDF)
  • Website Audit Notes (PDF)

Work With Me

I work with community leaders to host FREE 1-hour workshops on DIY branding, blogging, and SEO.

“Christine has the unique ability to combine content, purpose and profits into a content strategy that gets you out of your head to create the content that serves your people and grows your bank account. Her content strategy, when implemented, will take you from struggling and unknown to positioned as a leader in your space.” – Roberto Candelaria

“37 minutes. In the span of a 37 minute call with Christine, my entire business trajectory changed. Christine walked me through concepts with ease and unlocked major stumbling points I had been struggling with. I ended the call with actionable tasks I could immediately implement and a renewed energy and clarity on countless aspects of my business. Her fresh perspective combined with immense expertise and an approachable demeanor is a business-owner’s dream. “ – Nicole Nichols, Lux Illume

“Christine is a literal wizard when it comes to strategy – especially when you’ve been pushing up against the same struggles for days or weeks. In the course of working together, Chris has helped me launch programs that were previously just ideas, helped me map my next steps, and talked me down from countless ledges. There is only one Chris, and if you’re lucky enough to work with her, run to checkout. You won’t regret it.” – Breanna Gunn, Breanna Gunn Enterprises