Are you ready to get your time back without losing control of your business?

Introducing the business framework audit!

Do you have an amazing team, but still feel like there are gaps in your systems and processes? Let’s get your organization running more effectively with customized systems and processes to fill those gaps.

Business Framework Audit & Action Plan



  • 90-Minute Deep Dive Call
    • Determine where you want to be vs. where you’re at.
    • Formulate a plan of action at an operations level so you can close that gap.
    • Assess any holes in your business that is causing any friction.
    • Create systems or processes to eliminate or alleviate that pressure.
    • Identify where you can create more time freedom for you in general.
  • Final action plan delivered within 72-hours of call.
  • 60-Minute Follow Up/Accountability Call 45-days after the initial deep dive call.
CJ on Laptop

But you know what?

I’ve been in your shoes.. and there is a better way!

Sometimes it takes an external point of view to assess your operations. As an entrepreneur and captain of our teams, it gets complicated finding the gaps when we’re so close.

Even I hire an outside consultant for my own business because I’m too close to the action.

“I hired Christine for an overall business consulting session to help me see the big picture of where my business it at, identify strengths, weaknesses, gaps, etc. I was at a place where I was “too close” to the situation and the day to day grind to be able to really see what I needed and what my next steps should be in hiring, delegating and growing. It was an amazing experience from start to finish! I was able to take the roadmap she created for me and jump in and start making changes in my business. It has only been a couple months since our first call and I’ve already experienced less stress and more time freedom to focus on the things only I can do in my business since implementing some of her recommendations. I know this is just the beginning too! Thank you Christine for your guidance and wisdom! I know my business will be even better and stronger as I continue to implement and make changes.”

Stacey, Wilshire Collections