UH-OH Things Have Changed!

The training that brought you here is likely 3 years old or more. A lot has likely changed in my business along with the training itself. When it comes to the online space things evolve so quickly.

What’s New?

Clarity. Content. Cohesiveness.

Over the last 12 years in service, I realized that I had spread myself thin to serve different organizations. Being knowledgeable in a multitude of areas isn’t scalable AND it makes it tough to grow a community honestly.

The first thing I did was get clarity on the areas I really loved and clients I wanted to serve.

Turns out I LOVE curating content and team systems for brands.

Christine Jerry teaching at The Focused Mastermind 2022

Why the pivot ?

I believe that the family behind the business is the priority and we can build a business that fits our life, and NOT a life that fits our business.

By niching down to these areas, I knew I was in alignment with one of my core values – be family-centered!

What does content and teams have to do with making space for ourselves and our family?

Quality content that’s optimized for organic results means more profit, less ad spend, and a constant stream of highly qualified traffic.

A team with strong systems and processes is a powerhouse of productivity and efficiency.

When content and teams are cohesive, we become the CEOs of our TIME and that’s stinkin’ AMAZING!!!