Transform Your Content Strategy with this Email Series and Watch Your Online Presence Grow

Discover the incredible benefits of this email series that will completely revolutionize your content strategy, leading to a remarkable increase in your online presence

For everyone who’s wanted to…

build a strong online presence and establish themselves as an expert in their field, creating a content framework is the key to success.

The problem many entrepreneurs and content creators face is not knowing what to post about, leading to inconsistency and a lack of engagement from their audience.

However, with our email series on how to create a content framework, we provide the jump start you need to stop feeling overwhelmed!

feeling overwhelmed slumped in front of the computer

Does this describe YOU?


You struggle with coming up with ideas for what to post about.


You’re not getting enough visibility and engagement.


You feel like you’re not seen as an expert in your field.

This email series provides a unique solution to a common problem faced by content creators: the lack of a structured framework. Stand out from the crowd by learning how to create a content framework that sets you apart, allowing you to build awareness, establish authority, and achieve alignment with your audience’s needs. Get ready to transform your content strategy and boost your online presence.

    Aloha, I’m Chris!

    Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs!

    I have been the wizard behind the curtain for 30+ websites since 2013. My record to date is a 2.4 MILLION monthly pageview blog. The content strategy I’ve created is so simple, yet it has survived the algorithm changes throughout the last decade. Why?

    It combines user intent, search engine optimization, and your expertise. The result is a solid framework that serves your audience first and search engines second.

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