There’s no one-size-fits-all business model, so my services vary to fit different needs. There are options from 30-minute quick fire sessions to ongoing coaching and consultations.

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Quick Fire Tech Session 30-Minute $97

Need a quick 1:1 session to get unstuck?

Having trouble with your WordPress website or Pinterest account? Sometimes a quick fix is all you need. Don’t waste anymore time combing through videos to DIY it!

Request a 30-minute quick tech session where we’ll address your tech issue along with guiding you through the fix.

VIP Strategy Sessions

You’re a ROCKSTAR when it comes to your products or services. You’ve successfully achieved your 6-figure goal or more because you’re working within your wheelhouse.

If you find yourself getting frustrated when it comes to attracting new clients or customers organically, don’t be hard on yourself. Let’s harness both our superpowers to create a clear cut content or monetization plan that’s completely customized to your business!

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What People Are Saying About CJ

“Christine has the unique ability to combine content, purpose and profits into a content strategy that gets you out of your head to create the content that serves your people and grows your bank account. Her content strategy, when implemented, will take you from struggling and unknown to positioned as a leader in your space.”
Roberto Candelaria​

“37 minutes. In the span of a 37 minute call with Christine, my entire business trajectory changed. Christine walked me through concepts with ease and unlocked major stumbling points I had been struggling with. I ended the call with actionable tasks I could immediately implement and a renewed energy and clarity on countless aspects of my business. Her fresh perspective combined with immense expertise and an approachable demeanor is a business-owner’s dream.”
Nicole Nichols
Founder, Lux Illume

“Christine has the ability to take very complex concepts/tasks and break them up in a way that makes them very doable. I needed a way to set up an online process flow for virtual classes. She walked me through the process step by step via Zoom and by the end of the meeting, it was ready for me to begin advertising and make money. She also helped me get past my hurdle with Pinterest so that I now have published boards and even my first Idea pins. I also have my first follower, all thanks to her easy step by step approach to handling tough tasks.”
John Norrell

“The transformation in my business is incredible. I now have incredible focus and achievable goals which is entirely thanks to Christine. She is phenomenal. The transition from floundering and struggling each day with all my tasks and ever-growing to-do list, to suddenly having measurable short, medium and long-term goals has been a breath of fresh air. Christine has helped me beyond belief.”
Libby Jenkinson
Founder, Ditch the Carbs

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