The #1 Thing You Should Do Before You Start a Website

I’ve seen this happen more times than I’d like to count, but it’s such an important step before you start a website. Check availability and trademarks!

There have so many cases where a small business starts creating all their virtual real estate like social media and brand awareness campaigns only to find out the domain name or business is not available for one reason or another. People get stuck and shut down all processes because they had their heart set on that name.

What to Check Before You Start a Website

So before you plan anything, take these steps. It’ll save you a whole lot of grief letter, like avoiding a rebrand.

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STEP ONE: Check for Trademarks

Visit the website to check for live trademarks.

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STEP TWO: Check for Social Media Platforms

Confirm that the business name is available on all the social media platforms you want to use. Having one go to name for each platform makes it easier for your community to find you everywhere!

STEP THREE: Check if Domain (Main URL) is in Use

Last step is to head over to GoDaddy or NameCheap and search the domain name you’d like to use.

Part of my Build a Website in 5 Days Workshop

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